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SUN CU - Brief History
Sun CU pronounce it- Sun “See” You. Sun CU is the Open Source community in University of Calcutta. This community founded on 1 st August 2007 by Chintan Kr. Mandal. He was the first Campus Ambassador from CU. The main purpose of this community is to relate the students to the upcoming Open Source technology. And another issue is to increase the resource of brains by accepting or providing the memberships. As each and every member has the authority to consult directly to the Sun people. Open source believes in technology sharing, so a technology can be changed or modified. And this responsibility goes to the students. We now move our focus to Sun Microsystems, for whom we belong.
Know about SUN Microsystems

Sun was founded on 24th February 1982. Vinod Kohla, Andy Bechtolshiem, Scott McNealy and Bill Joy are the original founders. The name is derived from Stanford University Network. It is the l argest Supporter of Open Source Community. It consists of several open source university communities where students from every corner of the world share the technology and they get expertise. Sun believes in a statement “Computer is a Network” .

The major Acquisitions and Alliances are, 1987, Trancept Systems 1988, Folio Inc. 1999, Star Division &Star Office 2000, Cobalt Networks 2005, Storage Tek 2007 Cluster File Systems February 2008, MySQL.
SUN Academic Program

They develop relationships between Sun and the academic community. Usually they try to introduce students to Sun technologies. Sun always believe that next generation is the innovators. So they support the next generation of innovators-students. They provide students the skills they need to fast-track their careers. Students get industry-recognized certifications from Sun Academic Initiative (SAI).

The benefits, a student can get from SAI:

 - Mainly a student can get
 - Oppurtunity to learn and work with cutting edge technologies.
 - Chance to interact with highly trained industry professionals.
 - Access to free, web-based, instructor-led training.
 - Access to free e-practice exams to prepare for certifications.
 - Up to 40% discount on certifications!!!!!

Not only the students get benefits, the institute to which Sun is collaborated they also get several benefits to upgrade themselves. Sun helps to keep up pace with latest technologies. There are scopes for training programs for faculties. From the financial perspective, discount on hardware and software support!!!!!
Introduction to SUN Technologies


What is it???

A type of coffee bean, name of a place, a commodity, a development platform as well as a programming language. It allows us to play online games, chat with people around the world just to name a few.

What will we learn???

o J2SE

o J2EE

o J2ME



Visit and Learn

o www.java.com

o www.javapassion.com

o www.java.net


What is it???
The only IDE we need. What will we learn??? How to develop applications in the Java, Ruby and many more languages. Visit and Learn:

o www.netbeans.org

o www.netbeans.tv

What is it???

An Open Source distro of the world's most innovative OS.

What will you learn???

Everything from installation to System Administration. Visit and Learn

o www.opensolaris.com

o www.opensolaris.org

What is SUN CU?
Sun CU is the Open source community of University of Calcutta. This community works with Java, Netbeans and Open Solaris. The logo beside is the Sun CU logo. Basically, we organise a technical demonstration every month on the above said technologies. And we share our experience to the students those who want to make them expertise in these technologies. Our motivation is in three words are “Use, Improve and Evangelize”.
Recend Trends

We have an OSUM community. OSUM is an Open Source University Meet up, where the students of every University from the every corner of the world are sharing OSUM. Through OSUM, a student can share technical problems, share resource, blog, chat, see video, image etc. Now a days Sun CU group is increasing. Recently we have 15 members in the OSUM community. For the interested students they can visit:


Presently Campus Ambassador of Sun CU is Somasis Roy . There are few members for whom the community is increasing now and then. The members are Soumava, Anirban, Dipanjan, Pritam, Pritin, Biman, Ramaprasad, Rini, Sourav, Ranjita, Joy and so many those who are willing to join this club.

Recend Events

Recently Sun CU had organized a Seminar on J2ME. The purpose of that seminar was celebrating Software Freedom Day (SFD) . Its on 26 th September, the concept behind it is, Sun Microsystem works with Open Source software and each and every software is needed to free from their own way. Hence, the software is updatable, modifiable from the user perspective.


On 26 th September, students from different classes attended the seminar, and enjoyed the seminar. After that, an open source coding contest was held, student showed their interest in that event too. Few students were eager to join the Open source community. And they joined in OSUM after that day.

Sun CU Unit renamed the SFD as Liberty. The Sun CU unit is planning to organize Code for Freedom (CFF), Technical Festival C-ELANZA, within coming few months. The picture beside is the Sun CU  Unit banner, under which Sun Students get motivated about Use, Improve & Evangelize.

Important Links

The Latest Cool Downloads from Sun including Free Development Tools:
Find Answers in Sun's Technical Forums:
Multimedia Technical Sessions on Demand:
Savings and Special Offers on Valuable Developer Resources:
Free Access to Select Online Training:
Newsletters and Tech Tips Make You the First to Know:
To browse through existing bugs or report a bug:
If you have any questions about your membership, please
send a message to:
sdn-feedback@sun.com .

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