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RISHII (Resources for Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in India)

RISHII (Resources for Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in India) originates from the concept of TUNING (Erasmus+), which is a project for universities conducted by universities.

The project commenced on 20 Nov 2018 with a focus on the Internationalisation of Curriculum (IoC) of Indian Universities. This objective is to be achieved through collaboration between multiple European and Indian Higher Educational Institutions.

RISHII aims to contribute to the modernization of the Indian Higher Education System. This involves equipping Indian Higher Education Institutions with procedures, tools, human resources, and continuous professional development mechanisms necessary for Curriculum Internationalisation. The goal is to create institution-wide thriving cultures of Internationalisation-FOR-ALL.

Specific Objectives of RISHII:

  1. Create mechanisms, procedures, and tools to engage all Indian RISHII Partner Institutions in Strategic Planning for Modernization through continuous Curriculum Internationalisation.
  2. Promote Curriculum Internationalisation through the adoption of competence-based, student-centered principles in (a) curriculum and syllabus design, (b) teaching, learning, and assessment approaches.
  3. Equip Indian faculty and non-academic staff involved in internationalisation with skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve Internationalisation-FOR-ALL.
  4. Create Open Education Resources that will encourage and make it feasible for all Indian Higher Education Institutions to engage in Strategic Planning and Continuous Professional Development activities for Curriculum Internationalisation - Internationalisation-FOR-ALL.

Innovative Assessment Strategies and Practices

Internationalization of Higher Educational Institutes : Issues, Perspectives and Challenges

Strategic line – 3 - Global competence and Learning Outcomes

Learner centric Education in the global perspective

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