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Microsoft Campus Unit- Brief History

Microsoft Campus Unit is the .net and Microsoft technology user group in University of Calcutta. This unit founded on 7th December 2007. The main objective of this unit is to make aware the students to the upcoming Microsoft technology. And another objective is to make them familiar with the resources of Microsoft Developers Network. As each and every member has the authority to consult directly to the other Group Member and Microsoft Student Partners and access the resources. Also there is .net user group in msn.com named “KolkataNetStudent” run by the MSPs of University of Calcutta. The main objectives of this group are to spread awareness about Microsoft Technologies like .NET in the campus, improve and develop interest in them. The group aims to be a place for educational interaction amongst its members. This club also helps to run the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance

The Microsoft Academic Program and the Values of Microsoft
The Microsoft Academic Program aims at expanding the opportunities available to students. This is done by facilitating and encouraging various activities that include requesting a session, working on Microsoft specified projects, starting student user groups and so on.
As a company, and as individuals, They value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. They are committed to Their customers and partners and have a passion for technology. They take on big challenges, and pride Themselves on seeing them through. They hold themselves accountable to Their customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring Their commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.
Microsoft's Mission
As India moves towards a leadership position in the global knowledge economy, Microsoft continues to work in close partnership with all stakeholders, including the government at the state and national level, the Indian IT industry and academia, to ensure that technology is leveraged as a catalyst for enabling more and more individuals and communities to realize their full potential.
At Microsoft, They believe that diversity enriches their performance and products, the communities where they live and work, and the lives of Their employees. As their workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of Their communities and the global marketplace, Their efforts to understand, value, and incorporate differences become increasingly important. Come explore diversity at Microsoft!
Microsoft Student User Group
Microsoft facilitates creation of student user groups in every city. These user groups are a forum for students to meet and share their knowledge and experience on various Microsoft technologies. Activities of the user group include many online and offline activities that combine:
  • Events where students get to meet their peers and professionals from the industry
  • Expert speaker sessions on key influential technologies
  • Troubleshooting sessions where queries and doubts can be answered by peers and professionals from the industry. 
These activities enable students to learn, explore and gain experience through hands-on work on the latest technologies. It provides students across colleges a link to get information about the latest programs from Microsoft and to aid them in participation in these events.
Microsoft Campus Clubs

Microsoft Campus Clubs are groups or forums created in colleges or universities towards facilitating education and knowledge exchange within the campus among students who have an interest in Microsoft technologies. Campus Clubs serve as a:

  • Place for students to come together and learn about Microsoft technologies
  • Forum for students to network with their peers
  • Avenue that fosters a sense of community among students learning and using the same technologies 
  • Mechanism to learn more about the latest Microsoft contests and events and participate in them.
MSDN Academic Alliance
MSDN Academic Alliance makes it simpler and less expensive for academic institutions to use the latest Microsoft developer tools, platforms and servers for instruction and research. The Academic Alliance program is designed specifically for departments that teach any of the subjects related to computer science, engineering or information systems. Once a department becomes a MSDN AA member, the benefits are tremendous:
  • Special MSDN Academic Alliance Subscription to the latest Microsoft developer tools, platforms and servers 
  • Load the software on any number of instructional and research computers in yTheir department 
  • Avail up to 4 free phone support incidents by calling +(86)21-6469-8899 ext. 0 OR email gtecacc@microsoft.com
  • Department students can download the software at no cost
  • Access to enhanced functionality at MSDN AA site
  • Discounts from third-party partners
  • Click here to know more about the MSDN AA program details.

Direct Student Download

Visit Direct Student Download page for free download of the entire suite of MSDN AA products, which includes the following:

.NET Framework
Patterns & practices
Smart Client
SQL Server
Visual Basic
Visual C++
Visual C#
Visual Studio
Web Services
Windows Vista™
More Developer Centers

Download Free Software

Visual Studio Express Editions
Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions are free, lightweight, easy-to-use and learn, development environments for the hobbyist, novice, and student developer.

Vista and Office 12 Beta
The new generations of both Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Office will soon be released. Beta versions of these products are available to students so that you are ahead of the learning curve, much before anyone gets there!

SSCLI and Rotor
The Shared Source CLI is a compressed archive of the source code to a working implementation of the ECMA CLI and the ECMA C# language specification. This implementation builds and runs on Windows XP.

Microsoft Robotics Studio
Microsoft Robotics Studio Windows®-based environment for academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to easily create robotic applications for a wide variety of computing platforms.

XNA Game Studio Express
XNA Game Studio Express is a new offering, targeted at students and hobbyists for game development. XNA Game Studio Express is based on Visual C# Express 2005 and lets developers target both Windows and Xbox 360.

Services for Unix

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) is a software package developed by Microsoft that provides a Unix subsystem and other parts of a full Unix environment on Windows NT and its successors. Interix is the subsystem that's included.
Featured Contests and Programs
Now in its seventh year, the Imagine Cup is a global student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world issues. The competition encourages the world's most talented software designers, programmers, game developers, photographers and filmmakers to tackle the toughest problems facing the world today.
If you want to contribute your talents to tackling some of the toughest problems facing us today-and maybe even turn your ideas into a business one day. Learn new technology skills and test yourself against the brightest students on the planet. To make friends around the world. In case you would like a chance to win cash prizes, internships at Microsoft and even a free trip to Cairo, Egypt next summer. Here is your chance, the Imagine Cup has been challenging the world's brightest technology students to step up and make a difference, since 2002.
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