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Camera-ready Submission Instructions

Deadline for final paper submission and author registration : October 12, 2009

A Full/Regular paper is given 12 LNCS pages and a Short paper is given 6 LNCS pages in the proceedings. Please read the Instructions for Authors from Springer carefully before preparing your final camera-ready paper. Authors must strictly follow the LNCS format and page limits. The deadline for submitting camera-ready versions is October 12, 2009. The deadline will be strictly enforced.

LaTeX2e users must use from Springer. The \documentclass{LLNCS} must not be changed, and no other (non-LNCS) styles are acceptable. Please do not use any command affecting the layout or formatting, like \textheight, \textwidth, \vspace, \hspace, \headsep, \baselinestretch etc.

For Word users, the corresponding file to use is, also from Springer.

The final submission must be made electronically, as an e-mail message to . Please attach the following with the email:

  1. completed and signed copyright form, to be sent as a scanned file to

  2. the following files corresponding to your accepted paper:

    • the LaTeX source files of your paper (all .tex and .bib files), the image files used (either .eps or .ps depending on how you generated your document), or the Word .doc file

    • the PDF file generated from your source files

All the files (including the copyright) are to be placed in a *.tar.gz (or *.zip for Word files) compressed file with the last name of the first author, followed by underscore and submission number of the paper. For instance, if the paper number of Smith and Jones is 323, then the filename should be smith_323.tar.gz (or for Word files). Please attach only this *.tar.gz or *.zip file with your email.

In the body of the e-mail, please write exactly the contents that are included, so we can verify, and indicate the name and contact information (e-mail and telephone) of a corresponding author whom we can contact if there are any problems.

For each accepted paper, at least one author must register at the FULL registration rate (academic/industry rates for participants residing in India) by October 12, 2009. We regret that a paper cannot be included in the proceedings otherwise. For more information, please follow the Registration link.

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