Celebrating 29 Years of CUCSE

The Library of the Department Of Computer Science and Engineering consist of a vast Library. The Library was established in 1980. The library is situated in the first floor of the Department and is accessible easily from the department.The library has a collection of more than 10,600 books. Besides books the Library possesses ample volumes of bound Journals, 574 B.Tech, M. Tech and M.Sc project reports, proceedings of conferences, reports, maps, standards, patents newspapers, manuscripts, microfilm, CD-ROMs. The departmental library serve the academic disciplines bearing their names. The Department Library holds over 5000 volumes in hard copy.
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has in all eleven well equipped laboratories, with high-speed internet and intranet facilities. The Sun laboratory, The MULTIMEDIA Laboratory,The DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING Laboratory (Wireless Networking, Intranet, Internet), The HARDWARE (Digital+Basic Electronics) Laboratory, Hardware Simulation & AutoCAD Laboraratory (Computer Facility Laboratory), Language Laboraratory (Computer Facility Laboratory), The Advanced DBMS Laboratory, The INTERNET FACILITY Laboratory, The NETWORKING Laboratory, The SOFT COMPUTING Laboratory and the The DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING Laboratory (Wireless Networking, Intranet, Internet) are the laboratories that facilitate the departmental students.
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
92, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata - 700 009, West Bengal, INDIA.

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